Cracking the Instagram algorithm:

6 productivity hacks to gaining exposure and new customers

Instagram algorithm got you down?

Your followers and engagement on posts have gone south. You acquire 3 new followers a day only to lose a few daily.

Instagram is starting to feel like a dance with one step forward and two steps back.

Instagram doesn’t have to be this unicorn.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by and frustrated with Instagram.

(It’s supposed to be a fun platform, remember?)

I will show a clear roadmap to success: one thing you have to do daily, one thing to do weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Hi, my name is Lesya.

Starting with ways to promote my own photography business for free to interning at one of the premier art institutions in the nation to consulting small and emerging 6-figure brands — including some crowdfunding successes and Shark Tank appearances — I’ve tried and done a lot of things.

Now I’ve set out to help creative entrepreneurs make digital marketing their new best friend. My personal record is one million people reached organically for one company in particular.

I believe that with a little help from me, your creative business will be unstoppable.

My advice has been featured in major media, such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Social Media Examiner, and HuffPost.

I will show you effective, straightforward approaches to see the results you want.

Do you want to leverage the power of the hottest platform to the benefit of your creative business?


Before we even get into the bulk of the course, we’ll polish one thing that converts a random passerby into an engaged follower.

Plus, what to do if you’re not a photographer, but want a gorgeous feed.


You will learn how to find like-minded creatives and ideal audience for your messages.

Plus, how to get to know them and what they really want from your business.


You will get access to a multitude of strategies that will help you build a loyal and engaged community around your brand.

Plus, how to position yourself as a go-to brand in your niche, so the selling is done on auto-pilot.

What Can You Achieve with These Simple Growth Tactics?

I get it. You are busy running your business. You are here because you are creative, passionate, and smart. All you need is a clear roadmap with strategies that work; and you need them now.

You’re feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume of contradictory marketing advice. Yet, as soon as you gain clarity in your strategy, you’ll tackle all the necessary work, and will blow it out of the water!

6 Simple Growth Strategies for Your Creative Business

These strategies have been distilled to its essence to help you gain clarity, get the most for your efforts, and stay ahead of your competition.

What are you waiting for?

This course was designed for busy creatives like you.


I know you’re feeling just a bit overwhelmed with promoting your business online – I’ve been there myself. This is why I made it my job to help you figure out what works for your creative business.

Look, it doesn’t have to be difficult and/or painful.

I am all for smart – not busy – work. So, I will share my effective shortcuts. I also always keep in mind the fact that you have a business to run, so you need to maximize your productivity.

Let’s create a meaningful and profitable online presence that feels right and brings in the right kind of customers and clients.



  • Setting up the foundation for your Instagram success;
  • Ensuring your Instagram feed doesn’t only look good, but also attracts the right audience;
  • Crafting strong positioning and enticing messages;
  • Telling your brand story through all creative tools.

Chapter 1: Daily Task


  • Earning a preferential treatment from the algorithm itself;
  • Finding optimal posting time for your audience;
  • Amplifying engagement on your content;
  • Winning authentic followers with one particularly effective tactic.

Chapter 2: Weekly Task


  • Streamlining your content production with a productivity hack;
  • Crafting a cohesive and well-developed storyline;
  • Creating a well-rounded experience on your feed;
  • Hacking the content creation process.

Chapter 3: Monthly Task


  • Ensuring your content is seen by your ideal audience;
  • Uncovering your audience’s content preferences;
  • Discovering what people do on your website once they come from Insta;
  • Gaining an amazing insight into your audience’s behavior.

Chapter 4: Quarterly Task


  • Solidifying your positioning as a go-to brand;
  • Leveraging a vibrant Instagram community;
  • Building strategic partnerships;
  • Gaining new followers quickly with one hack.

Chapter 5: Yearly Task


  • Leveraging paid promotion;
  • Uncovering new excited audiences;
  • Optimizing your ads for maximum results;
  • Taking advantage of all the insight you’ve already got.

*I am teaching you all of the most effective, time-efficient strategies. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t complete the course faster and implement these strategies at your own pace.

You probably think that:

  • You need to spend hours a day on Instagram;
  • You need to spend a lot of money to see high engagement;
  • You need a ton of followers for your content to be pushed into Explore section;
  • You need to be some sort of celebrity for people to like and follow your account;
  • You need to be an epic photographer to have an appealing follow-worthy feed.

To that I say: none of this is true.


“I doubled the number of my followers in a week ! I went from 130 to 260 followers. I have also noticed my engagement has increased. I’ve learned quite a few interesting things with your course and I plan on applying more of your tips to grow my audience.”


“I have been implementing what I am learning and… Ahhhhh! Engagement is way up! I gained new followers that are the sort I’d like to be connected with! This is miles better than the tons of other IG books/groups I’ve worked with. Thank you so much!”

Jennifer of Jen’s A Little Loopy

“I absolutely love the clarity of the content. It’s straightforward and very effective! I feel more prepared for whatever the algorithm throws at me next!”

Vlad B.

“I really loved your content. It helped me refine my feed and clarify the hashtags and tags I want to use. Thank you so much!” Emma

Are you ready to invest in your business and its Instagram presence?

How much does it cost?

I’ve created this course for entrepreneurs, creative business owners, and anyone who wants to leverage the power of Instagram to grow their following and promote their business.

You are here because you are creative, passionate, and smart. You need strategies that work; and you need them now.

No-interest financing through PayPal

1 payment of $249

All options grant lifetime access to the course materials along with additional materials as they become available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a seasoned Instagrammer or someone who is just starting out?

You may be at different stages in the process, but the strategies that I share work for everyone, independently of whether you already have a following or just starting out with a fresh profile.

I am pretty new to Instagram and not super techy. Will this be for me?

I am confident that the answer is yes. I created this course with business owners in mind who have to juggle ten million things. I do not assume you’re techy, so I keep it as simple as possible. When there is some technical setup required, I’ve got your back with step-by-step technical tutorials.

I am super busy. Can I go at my own pace?

Absolutely! The course is completely self-paced. You can complete it in one sitting or take the time to implement the strategies from each chapter.

Will the course expire? When do I lose access?

Never. Once you’ve purchased the course, you will have a lifetime access to it, so you can come back for a refresher or additional materials as they become available.

What if I get stuck? Can I get some support?

Yes! In fact, I would love to know if some part of the material is just too complicated or confusing. Drop me an email and I will personally get back to you.

What's the refund policy?

You have 14 days to decide whether this course is worth your investment.

If you do decide to request a refund, please

  • submit all of your worksheets with a proof that you used them,
  • provide a reason why you are dissatisfied with Cracking the Instagram Algorithm.

It’s that simple!

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